Driver smashes vehicle through a Brooklyn pizzeria

A car crashed into a pizza shop at 1431 Fulton Street in Bedford
The male driver suffered minor injuries from the crash. (Photo by Lloyd Mitchell)

A motorist sliced clear through a Brooklyn pizza parlor Tuesday morning, wedging his vehicle in a back room at the demolished eatery.

The driver veered off Fulton Street near Brooklyn Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvesant at 6:15 a.m. on Dec. 10, when he shot through the pie joint, leaving a trail of broken glass and rubble in his wake. 

It’s unclear how the driver managed to exit the vehicle, which appeared to be lodged tight enough to prevent his driver, or passenger side doors from opening, and it’s possible the motorist escaped the wreckage through the hatch at the rear of his vehicle.

The restaurant’s facade was completely annihilated and the inside strewn with debris, but the driver suffered only minor injuries and remained on the scene following the crash.

— Kevin Duggan, with additional reporting by Lloyd Mitchell

This story first appeared on brooklynpaper.com.

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