Stringer holds conference outside of vacant lot in response to mayoral candidates

Photo via Twitter/Scott Stringer

Mayoral Candidate Scott M. Stringer stood outside of a vacant lot in Brownsville, Brooklyn in response to opposing candidates Shaun Donovan and Ray McGuire incorrectly believing that $100k was the median cost of a home in Brooklyn.

Donovan and McGuire were well off the mark. The correct average median cost of a home in Brooklyn is actually $900k. The vacant lot Stringer stood outside of is valued at $100k. The affordable housing crisis in New York City has been one of the most debated topics in the mayoral race.

“This is the only privately-owned vacant site in Brooklyn we could find that costs around $100k,” said Stringer. “This is what our affordable housing crisis looks like.”

“Over the last two decades, our city has moved backwards on building affordable housing. Instead of working to end our housing crisis, the city’s housing plan pushed out people who built up our communities by building unaffordable, affordable housing,” said Stringer.

Stringer was adamant that fixing the housing crisis would help get people who live in homeless shelters into homes. He also called for better conditions in NYCHA (New York City Housing Authority) homes, promising he would deliver funding if here were elected mayor.

“We have got to break the cycle,” said Stringer. “When I’m mayor NYCHA is going to operate in City Hall.”

However, Stringer began the press conference by speaking on the rise of crime and issues with public safety in the city currently. There have been several attacks in the subway recently and a shooting in Times Square has many in the city concerned that the city is unsafe.

“I do want to make it very clear that in the rush to send thousands of police officers into the subway system with no plan makes no sense,” said Stringer. “We need a comprehensive plan.”

He also spoke on his performance at the mayoral debates last night.

“I thought the debate performance was a continuation of convincing people that on day 1, my experience and my vision will lead New York City’s greatest comeback,” said Stringer.