Greetings from PoliticsNY, your online home for New York City election news

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We at Schneps Media want to welcome you to PoliticsNY, which launched earlier this month to pull back the curtain on the people, politics, policies and issues that govern our lives.

You will find on this site the hyper-local political coverage that Kings County Politics, Queens County Politics and New York County Politics provided as a well-spring of information. But now with Schneps Media resources of more than 70 publications, plus their award-winning community coverage of all five boroughs we’ve expanded into a river of political coverage.

And when we say hyper-local politics, we mean hyper and we mean local. We are drilling down to the street level.

Over the past month, we have painstakingly been busy building out pages on PoliticsNY for every candidate running in every district and every city seat, which you can find here on our Meet the Candidate Election Primer.

Viewers visiting PoliticsNY will find that our intrepid staff of reporters has also questioned candidates in every race this year. So if you live in Queens and want to find out who is running in the 24th City Council district you can find it here.

Interested in seeing what the candidates running in the City Council District 15 race in the Bronx think about charter schools? Click here.

For those who prefer YouTube videos, we have PoliticsNY with Skye, whose ongoing three questions in three minutes videos are both informative and entertaining. Here’s one of my favorites with Comptroller candidate Brian Benjamin.

We have already broken a number of stories, published thought-provoking editorials, and are on the ground with the issues that matter the most to you.

So strap yourself in and welcome aboard!