Rush hour collision on FDR Drive leaves 5 injured in Manhattan

firefighter flare
A firefighter lights a flare to warn drivers of the wreck.
Photo by Dean Moses

Rush hour traffic was brought to a sudden standstill along the northbound section of the FDR Drive after a vehicle collision resulted in multiple injuries. 

Firefighters and emergency medical services responded to a multi-vehicle crash on the FDR Drive near Houston Street where five individuals were injured at 4:11 p.m., according to FDNY sources

Multiple fire trucks and ambulances could be observed on the scene of the accident where FDNY and EMS officials could be seen tending crash victims beside a white Honda. The side of the vehicle had been torn away just above the right front tire and the airbag had been deployed. While the cause of the collision is not yet known, three individuals were transported to local hospitals while two others were treated for injuries at the scene.

Firefighters remained at the scene, using flares to inform passing motorists of the obstruction. 

Multiple emergency service vehicles arrived. Photo by Dean Moses