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Phone call scams, menacing and more thievery in the Uptown blotter

An NYPD patrol car. (Photo Credit: iStock)


19th Blotter

Teen Trouble Trio  

A trio of menacing teens spent the evening of Sunday, Jan. 12, punching strangers on the Upper East Side. The first assault occurred on the sidewalk outside of 308 73rd street. The victim, a 35-year-old man told police, that he was punched in the face at about 7:45 p.m. and struck in the head with an orange traffic cone, before the trio fled towards 1st Ave.

Several minutes later, the trio of 14-year-olds targeted a 26-year-old delivery man outside 203 East 73rd Street. According to police, the man was exiting the building after making a delivery when the boys asked him for money. After the victim responded he was working and did not have money, the trio started punching him in the face, causing a laceration. Police were notified and the victim along with several bystanders followed the perps, resulting in one arrest. The perp was connected to both incidents. 

Caller Threatens Kid

A 72-year-old-woman received a call from an unknown individual on Wednesday, Jan. 8 at approx.11 a.m. According to police, the caller told the Upper East Side resident that unless she mailed $10,000, they would cut off her daughter’s head and send it to her. The victim sent $500 via Western Union, before contacting authorities. The money was withdrawn in Mexico and police continue to investigate. 

Toilet Paper Caper

Sushi of Gari, located at 402 East 78th street was site of burglary on Saturday, Jan. 11. According to police, the restaurant’s cctv shows an unknown male entering the basement and storage area. The man proceeded to place items 57 rolls of toilet paper, 2 bars of soap and 1 roll of paper towels into black garbage bag and left location. The items were valued at $56.26. No arrests have been made as police continue to investigate. 

Signed, Sealed and Undelivered

A resident at 200 East 87 street, mailed eight checks between Dec. 27 – Jan. 7 from her lobby’s mailbox. The 62-year-old woman realized that none of her checks had been received by their intended recipients and reported the incident on Jan. 12. According to police, three of the checks were found to be washed and re-written for a total of $21,540. Police continue to investigate. 

Password Protected

After a brief foot pursuit, police arrested a 15-year-old male after he allegedly approached a 12-year-old boy with two other men outside 1280 Lexington Ave. According to police, at approx. 9 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 13, the perps requested the victim hand over his phone and put the boy in a headlock, taking the phone by force. “Do you want to die,” one perp threatened as he asked for the phone’s password, while the other two perps watched and laughed. The trio fled on foot.

20th Precinct Blotter

Bailed-out of cash

A 90-year-old grandmother received a phone call by an unknown man pretending to be her grandson on Thursday, Jan. 9. According to police, at approx., 10 a.m., the caller claimed to have been involved in a car accident and needed $9500 to post his bail. She agreed and was informed by another caller posing as the grandson’s attorney, to expect a messenger later that afternoon to collect the cash at her residence. At approx. 1 p.m., an unknown male showed up at her apartment at 515 West End Ave., took the money and left. Police are investigating. 

The Security of gift cards

A 24-year-old resident of 201 West 74 street was scammed out of $9000. According to police, at approx. 10 a.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 8, the woman received a phone call from a man identifying himself as an agent of the Social Security Administration. The so-called agent said, the woman’s identity had been compromised and the SSA needed to suspend her social security number immediately. In order to do so, the caller instructed the woman to withdraw $9000 from her bank account and use it to purchase 18 gift cards. The woman sent the gift cards to an address the caller provided. Police are investigating. 

The Performance of a Thief

After attending an evening performance at Lincoln Center on Saturday, Jan. 11, a woman reported to police that her wallet was stolen. The 70-year-old Manhattan resident said she felt someone standing very close to her while she took photos of the performance with her phone. Afterwards, she noticed her pocket book opened and wallet missing. 

Not so sweet

After a patron of the Sugar Factory accidentally left her debit card behind on Dec. 20, a manager assured her that it would be placed securely in their safe. The 43-year-old New Jersey resident learned that two days later, the card was removed from restaurant located at 1991 Broadway and used at a Duane Reade on west 72nd and Broadway. The woman had cancelled the card, so the transaction was declined. The incident was reported to police on Sunday, Jan. 12. 

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