115th Congress: House, Senate leaders and demographics

The 115th Congress convened for the first time on Jan. 3, 2017. While it may be the most racially diverse Congress in history, it is still primarily white and male.

Here’s a look at the makeup of the 115th Congress — according to data collected by Roll Call — and the leaders in both the House and the Senate.

House of Representatives

Parties: Republican: 241; Democrat: 194; Independent: 0

Gender: Men: 248; Women: 83

Race: White: 339; Black: 46; Hispanic: 33; Asian: 10; Other: 3


Parties: Republican: 52; Democrat: 46; Independent: 2

Gender: Men: 78; Women: 21

Race: White: 90; Black: 3; Hispanic: 4; Asian: 3