2005, Year in Action

PAYING RESPECTS For years before the W.T.C. construction site was walled off, people of all ages, such as the boy above, would place flowers, pictures or messages of hope on the fence that surrounded the site.

In 2005, The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation doled out its first round of grants to cultural and community groups. A design was unveiled for what would become known as the W.T.C. Performing Arts Center and a push began to lure cultural groups Downtown. Charlie Maikish was named Lower Manhattan Construction Command Center director. A heated debate arose on programming content at the Freedom Center, with some 9/11 families protesting the potential political content of future exhibits. Governor Pataki tossed the Freedom Center from W.T.C. plans, claiming that “Freedom should unify us: this center has not.”

A report was released that showed that the Lower Manhattan office market was rebounding, and official talks commenced on the design of the 9/11 Museum.

Construction began on the new Goldman Sachs headquarters at 200 West St. The 43-story building occupies 2.1 million square feet. Goldman was awarded $1.65 billion in Liberty bonds to cover part of the building’s $2.1 billion cost, in addition to other city subsidies.

As the death toll from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan increased, the year’s anniversary of 9/11 was marked by anti-war protestors.

2005 pic1
Moving the “W.T.C. Cross” from Ground Zero to St. Peters Church
The “W.T.C. Cross,” two steel beams in the shape of a cross, was discovered days after 9/11. It remained on the W.T.C. construction site and served as a symbol of resilience for the workers. It was moved to St. Peters Church on Church Street, where it stayed until 2011 — when it was placed in the future site of the National 9/11 Museum.

The Headlines of 2004 tell the story:

Wils: tunnel extension will push costs to $1 billion • Preservation has improved the W.T.C. development plan • W.T.C. Memorial group’s first meeting • C.B. 1 comments on W.T.C. memorial adjustments • Damaged landmark Beaux-Arts building, 90 West St., readies to reopen as apartments • Charles Maikish named Downtown building coordinator • W.T.C. memorial for ‘93 victims unveiled • Mayor expected to sign compromise for Park Row • Debate over Downtown money: Weighing W.T.C. construction against other projects • Olive Leaf Wholeness Center in Gramercy Park area offers spa for people still traumatized by 9/11 • House resolution introduced on W.T.C. memorial plan • Overlooking the site where a father recovered his son’s body, after a three-month search • Park Row buses likely to return next month • West St. tunnel money debate begins • W.T.C. vending law prohibits souvenir sales in Ground Zero area; One year later: Sales still down, vendors mad, residents still wary • Lease signed for W.T.C. Tribute Center E.P.A.’s new testing plan has holes, critics say • Work begins on Downtown’s British Memorial Garden • Transportation and W.T.C. site are top priorities • Pataki unveils Downtown spending plan; $1.4 billion in 9/11 aid left to spend • Chinatown included in final pieces of L.M.D.C. spending plan • W.T.C. Cultural Center design unveiled • Trying to move from here to a rebuilt W.T.C. • Kicking up dust over new air testing plan • Struggling to put on a show near Ground Zero: Eric Brown organizes Lower Manhattan Arts Festival and Variety Show to breathe life back into the area • Cultural building receives good reviews from C.B. 1  • More streets will make the Freedom Tower less secure • ‘Liquid Assets’ outdoor cafe opens across from the W.T.C. • Photographer Danny Lyon’s new book “The Destruction of Lower Manhattan” shows Downtown before the W.T.C.  • Tower of fear, not freedom for some Downtowners • B.P.C. dog run to be named after Sirius, the canine killed on 9/11 • Critics say E.P.A. plan leaves out some workers • “Serving Those Who Serve” offers herbal supplements for 9/11 health problems • Changes for the worse at the Freedom Tower • Art groups back Drawing Center at the W.T.C. site • Racist postcard taped to W.T.C. fence door • Small Downtown arts groups move plans forward with new 9/11 grants • Freedom requires standing up to 9/11 family leaders • StoryCorps revisits Ground Zero to record 9/11 tales, oral histories • Do security guards need more training? • One more victim of the World Trade Center’; Slain writer’s battles Downtown and in Iraq • Residents and 9/11 families share common ground • Recalling Berenthia (Berry) Berenson Perkins, one of the thousands killed on 9/11 • 9/11 anniversary events scheduled in Lower Manhattan: “What Comes After: Cities, Art and Recovery” Summit; Congressional 9/11 Hearing; 9/11 Fourth Anniversary Observance at the World Trade Center Site; “Manhattan Remembers” Sunrise Ceremony in B.P.C.; the September Concerts at B.P.C. • Arabic lessons to begin near Ground Zero at Stuyvesant high school • “Hope for the future” film documents post-9/11 student trauma Downtown • Remembering 2001; honoring the fallen four years later • L.M.C.C. international conference, “What Comes After: Cities, Art and Recovery,” causes anger over politically provocative art exhibit taking place on 9/11 anniversary • Public forum takes input on programming at the future 9/11 museum • 9/11 fourth anniversary ceremonies begin with the sunrise • Small anniversary turnout at firefighters’ museum • Talks begin on W.T.C. Memorial’s museum • A heated debate over photographing New York’s bravest: Exhibits “Photos by New York’s Bravest and Finest” at SoHo Photo and “Photos by Gary Suson” at Ground Zero Museum Workshop coincide with the 4th anniversary • Pataki tosses Freedom Center from W.T.C., says “Freedom should unify us. This center has not.” • Freedom Center decision proves democracy works • More doubts cast on fate of W.T.C. performance space • Protests over Iraq War body count mark a grim milestone at Ground Zero • E.P.A. to change dust plan after rebuke • Slow-moving path to W.T.C. retail • Resident: Mostly signs of hope looking across the W.T.C. • Update: Getting ready to begin building the W.T.C. memorial • Governor’s Downtown Manager: Downtown progress is real and steady • L.M.D.C.: A ‘better and stronger’ Downtown is being built • C.B. 1: Residents need retail and culture on Downtown’s front burner • Construction Commander: Working to reduce the pain from $20 million worth of construction • Downtown Alliance: New incentives will insure Downtown remains the financial capital • Fiscal Watchdogs: Let the free market and public decide Downtown’s future • Chinatown Partnership: Chinatown begins to build on the unity that came after 9/11 • New report says Downtown office market is rebounding • Downtowners, scientists, Clinton blast E.P.A.’s new testing plan • Open up to closing off Cortlandt St. • Memorial fountains will run dry in winter • Panel scientists tee off on widely criticized E.P.A. plan • Arts community reflects on cultural loss at the W.T.C. • British architect returns to W.T.C. to design new Church St. tower • Volunteer Simone Cornu puts post-9/11 disaster training into practice • Mayor’s delay threatens W.T.C. redevelopment