Advocates of lowering NYC speed limit settle on 25 mph

Advocates had originally hoped for a 20 mph limit.

State lawmakers have new bills authorizing the city to set a 25 mph limit, backing off a 20 mph limit that advocates pursued.

New bills were introduced to the Assembly and Senate Wednesday authorizing New York City to set a lower speed limit citywide.

With a 25 mph limit in place citywide, the city’s Department of Transportation would then be allowed to target streets for 20 mph.

The City Council, meanwhile, passed a resolution in support of the new speed limit legislation introduced in Albany.

Caroline Samponaro, a senior director at Transportation Alternatives, said the revised legislation recognizes that there is no “one-size-fits-all approach to streets.”

“It would set the default at 25 but give New York City the power to set speed limits that make sense depending on the street,” Samponaro said.