Another thumbs up

To the editor:
The editorial from two weeks ago, “Thumbs Up! Thumbs Down!” gives Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver thumbs-up for his work on preserving affordable housing.  This week I would like to join with you in applauding the Speaker for his housing efforts, as well as giving another thumbs-up for his success in securing schools for the Downtown community.

Silver was instrumental in getting the Department of Education to build a new school on Peck Slip. He says it best: “This was a site that was identified by this task force and we advocated for it… It’s great news for our task force, for our community and for our children.”

There are a lot of other people to thank, starting with Congressman Jerry Nadler who procured the building from the federal government; not a small lift. City Council Member Margaret Chin did her magic with the City. Senator Squadron and Assemblymember Glick worked with Speaker Silver — a real team effort.

This team effort extends to all the members of the School Overcrowding task Force. This task force, a group of parents, principals and Downtown leaders, has worked diligently in addressing the problems of overcrowded schools in our community.  They include, but are not limited to, Julie Menin, Community Board 1 Chair, AnnMarie DeFalco and Paul Hovitz co-Chairs of C.B.1’s Youth Committee, as well as parent leaders, Tricia Joyce, Rebecca Skinner and Eric Greenleaf.

Our vibrant and successful community was created by selfless community leaders. This is where I now ask our community to give thumbs-up to the above list of hard working leaders for a job well done.
John R Scott
Member of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s School Overcrowding Task Force