Baby Trump balloon to appear at Manhattan protest

A giant Baby Trump balloon will make its first appearance in New York City later this month at a parade calling for impeachment. 

“We need to send a message to Trump, and whoever comes after him, that we won’t accept a president that stokes racist violence, engages in corruption, and undermines our democracy,” Alexandra Flores-Quilty, a coordinator for co-organizer By the People, said in a statement.

By the People, which is staging the Impeachment Parade at noon Oct. 27 in Battery Park with co-organizer the People’s Motorcade, wants citizens to demand Congress remove President Trump from office. They believe he’s guilty of the “high crimes” that would justify impeachment, such as separating migrant children from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border, “encouraging racist violence by calling white supremacists ‘fine people,’ and sharing neo-Nazi propaganda” and firing former FBI Director James Comey, according to the group’s website.

The group believes if action is not taken, any future administration also will abuse its power, Communications Director Duncan Meisel said.

“That’s the biggest risk, if that becomes normal,” he said. “Impeachment sends a message to [Vice President Mike] Pence or whoever that they can’t repeat his crimes.”

The parade will come 10 days before the midterm elections, when Democrats hope to take control of Congress. Though a Democratic majority could make an impeachment push easier, By the People isn’t depending on it to achieve its goal, Meisel said.

The event will be the first time one of the 20-foot helium balloons depicting Trump as a baby in a diaper is flown in the city. 

Inspired by the balloon that appeared in London during Trump’s visit to the United Kingdom in July, two New Jersey men, Jim Girvan, 65, and Didier Jimenez-Castro, 30, raised money to buy six replicas and start the “Baby Trump Tour.” The balloons have already appeared in West Palm Beach, Florida, and Maplewood, New Jersey.

“We must use every tool at our disposal to push back,” said Girvan, who is also an organizer of the People’s Motorcade, which holds protest motorcades outside the president’s Bedminster golf course. “Ego and insecurity is Trump’s Achilles’ heel. That is the target and mission of the People’s Motorcade and Baby Trump Tour.”

The parade was originally planned for September and was going to be closer to Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue, but with the presence of the balloon, it had to be moved downtown, organizers said. 

By the People expects hundreds of people to attend.

With Edward B. Colby