Beyoncé beer renamed by Lineup Brewing in Sunset Park after cease and desist letter

The Brooklyn brewer who was sent a cease and desist letter from Beyonce’s lawyers after she named her beer “Bïeryoncé” joked that she’d be willing to work it out with the star one-on-one.

“I would be totally open to Beyoncé coming over and cracking open a few ‘Bïeryoncés’ and talking through it,” said Katarina Martinez, the head brewer at Lineup Brewing in Industry City in Sunset Park.

The brewery released cans of “Bïeryoncé,” a German pilsner, in November and it quickly became a hit.

“It was a funny pun,” she said. “Everybody loved it.”

Martinez decided to name the beer after the singer because she initially brewed it for an Octoberfest event that coincided with a Beyoncé concert she was supposed to go to.

But the brewery had to rename the beer after receiving a cease and desist letter from Beyoncé’s lawyers, Martinez said. The beer is now named “Kätariná” after the brewer herself.

Martinez, one of relatively few women brewers in the industry, said she was disappointed after receiving the letter, but added there are no hard feelings.

“I’m still a really big fan.”

Lineup beers, including “In Defense of Ghosting,” “I Bet You Think This Beer Is About You” and “Stuntman,” are typically named after Martinez’s bad dates or funny experiences with men.