Board can vote for owners

To The Editor:
I am writing in response to your editorial “Soho BID needs work” (Nov. 3) and its inaccurate portrayal of the participation of 40 Mercer St. in the formation process of a BID for Soho’s Broadway.

I am currently the president of the condo board at 40 Mercer St. and was a member of the board in July 2010 when a board vote was taken (unanimous in approval) in order to complete the “ballot” provided by the Soho BID Steering Committee. At that time, the condo board of 40 Mercer St. consisted of individual resident condo unit owners and the sponsor, represented by Mr. Jerry Karr, who acted as president and therefore signed the ballot. The board was duly constituted and authorized the vote on behalf of the residential owners — a commonplace, democratic process.

While the sponsor and the owners had numerous issues, there has never been any question that all parties supported the BID, and continue to support the BID.

Lastly, it is our hope that the legislative process for the BID will be respected and continue go forward.
Alan Ballinger