Bronx dog abandoned at Van Cortland Park now up for adoption

An outgoing Bronx dog that was found tied up and abandoned in a park is now up for adoption, according to authorities.

A woman spotted the friendly black and white pitbull terrier tied up to a tree with another dog in Van Cortlandt Park near the Fieldston section of the Bronx, around 10 a.m. July 29. They had no food or water. When the good Samaritan passed by at 2 p.m. to see if the owner had come back for them, the dogs were still there, and she turned them in to the ASPCA, police said.

The abandonment case was filed in the 50th precinct and closed without any arrests, but the terrier, christened Tahini, is ready for a home now.

The friendly dog needs medicine twice a day for hypothroidism, but potential adopters shouldn’t be discouraged since Tahini has such a loving personality, according to the ASPCA. She is so pleasant around people and animals that staffers at its rehabilitation center have been using her to help shyer dogs gain confidence.

“Tahini often walks outside with a dog named Cronus. Her companionship helps him relax and enjoy walking outside,” said animal behavior counselor Joanne Langman. “Tahini has been with us for several months and while we’ll miss her, we’d love nothing more than to find her a loving family for the holidays.”

She added that the pooch, who is six years old, is a city-friendly lap dog.

“Tahini is a spunky little snuggle bug. She loves to play and take walks outside but prefers to curl up in her favorite human’s lap, which makes her ideal for apartment life,” added Langman. “Tahini is definitely an outgoing dog that lets you know she’s excited to see you by flopping on her back and wiggling around.”

Anyone interested in adopting her can reach out to the ASPCA’s Adoption Center on East 92nd Street, between York Avenue and First Avenue. More information on Tahini is available here.

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