Brooklyn broadcaster feeds the homeless in Harlem as latest charity mission

The Real Word food giveaway for homeless individuals in Harlem. (Photos courtesy of Rikard Jean-Noel.)

One award-winning TV personality from Canarsie has made charitable efforts around the city his main objective — that man is Rickard Jean-Noel, founder of The Real Word Ministries.

The message of that 501 c3 charity is broadcast throughout Brooklyn through Jean-Noel’s show with the BRIC Network, The Real Word TV where he often makes calls to action and advertises his donation drives.

Jean-Noel’s latest was a feed the homeless initiative at 125th Street & Lexington Avenue on Saturday, June 20, his first event held in Manhattan.

It was there that he and his community partners successfully fed roughly 200 homeless individuals living uptown, he said.

Photos of the the food giveaway can be viewed below.

Jean-Noel’s generosity, ambition, and charity also earned him recognition in the Schneps Media Kings of Kings awards earlier this year.

The objective of The Real Word is to “try to service the community by meeting everyday needs,” Jean-Noel said.

Previously over the past two years, his ministry has fundraised, held diaper drives, turkey drives, coat drives, and even a back to school drive which Walmart had sponsored.

That’s in addition to sending food overseas to India and Pakistan in addition to Mississippi he said.

“COVID slowed us down a lot,” Jean-Noel said, adding that prior to the pandemic many of his drives and charitable efforts had been growing exponentially.

In the upcoming months and weeks, Jean-Noel is seeking to do a “borough tour” for feeding the homeless monthly, specifically noting that the Bronx is an area that he intends on reaching in particular as well as Newark, New Jersey.

Jean-Noel’s outreach efforts are greatly tied to his broadcasting operation, which exists out of a studio that he owns in Brooklyn.

That production, which has grown to reach thousands began with Jean-Noel taping in his own basement, he said.

He’s been taping and airing his content throughout the pandemic, broadcasting on Facebook Live channel in addition to the Brooklyn public access network.

Noting a significant social media following, Jean-Noel also says The Real Word’s podcasts are reaching many that intent to help with his charitable works.

Jean-Noel has also connected a real estate company he operates into what he calls a “conglomerate to empower the people,” consisting of his broadcasting, non-profit works, and property speculation.

The Real Word TV can be viewed on the BRIC Network on Tuesdays at 1 a.m., 12 p.m., and 4 p.m. on Spectrum channel 1998, Optimum channel 68, RCN channel 83, and Verizon channel 43.

It can also be streamed here.

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