Brooklyn car crash on Flatbush and Avenue U kills two: police

The two cars collided near the popular Kings Plaza Mall.

A two-vehicle crash in Brooklyn Monday night left two dead and two injured, according to police.

The victims have been identified as Philbert Martin Williams, 20, who was driving the vehicle, and Christina Wipper, 18, police said.

Williams was driving a Nissan Maxima south on Flatbush Avenue collided with a BMW that was turning onto Avenue U from the northbound side of Flatbush Avenue, police said. Reports indicated they were driving over 100 mph.

The driver and passenger from the BMW were transported to Kings County Hospital with minor injuries, police said.

An NBC New York photo posted on Twitter from the dramatic scene showed a dark sedan twisted around a pole with a dozen firefighters and emergency personnel surrounding it. The inside of the car was visible from above.

The scene of the accident was right next to popular Brooklyn mall Kings Plaza Shopping Center.

Alison Fox