Brooklyn woman cuffed for attacking flight attendant on flight to JFK airport

Photo: Shutterstock

A Brooklyn woman was arrested on Sunday for allegedly assaulting a flight attendant while on a flight to John F. Kennedy Airport, prosecutors announced Monday.

Chenasia I. Campbell, 28, was on a flight from Miami, Florida to New York on May 2. Around halfway through the flight, prosecutors said, Campbell allegedly left her seat and followed a flight attendant to the crew area of the plane. Campbell then allegedly yelled at the flight attendant for not picking up her garbage.

Law enforcement sources said the flight attendant asked for help from the victim, another female flight attendant, who then tried to separate Campbell from the first flight attendant.

According to court documents, Campbell accused the victim flight attendant of pushing her and then allegedly punched the victim and pulled her hair.

The victim and Campbell were separated, with Campbell allegedly walking toward the plane’s bathroom in another part of the plane while arguing with another passenger. Prosecutors said Campbell then allegedly switched her sights back on the victim and went back to the crew area yelling obscenities.

The criminal complaint states that Campbell allegedly told the victim that the “cops aren’t going to do anything to me,” and then once again punching the victim, causing the two of them to fall to the floor. At some point during the altercation, Campbell allegedly attempted to pull up or remove the victim’s dress. 

Federal agents said the flight crew requested that the captain land the plane, but the request was denied. An off-duty NYPD officer on the flight intervened and placed Campbell in hand restraints for the rest of the flight. The flight later landed at Terminal 8 at JFK, where Campbell was taken into custody.

The victim suffered scrapes to her arm and cheek, bruises to her forehead and leg, swollen hands as a result of self-defense, and a strained neck from being pulled to the floor. She was evaluated at JFK by medical personnel but refused further medical assistance. Due to her injuries, the victim’s ability to perform her duties while on the flight was lessened.

Campbell is due to be arraigned before the federal courts in Brooklyn on May 3.