Bryan McMenamin stole cop car after arrest, says he ‘flipped out,’ police say

An alleged heroin dealer who escaped police custody was held without bail Wednesday after being on the lam for nearly a day, authorities said.

Bryan McMenamin was picked up Tuesday after he allegedly managed to get into the driver’s seat of an unmarked police vehicle and drive off.

McMenamin, 38, allegedly told officers he “flipped out” when he was apprehended Tuesday, said Assistant District Attorney Frank Longobardi in Queens Criminal Court.

McMenamin is charged with several offenses, including three counts of assault in the second degree, escape in the second degrees and third-degree criminal sale of a controlled substance, according to the criminal complaint.

Police first arrested McMenamin Monday night in Glendale, Queens, after another man allegedly said he bought heroin from him.

McMenamin was arrested and placed in the police vehicle with the alleged buyer, according to court records. The detectives then made an unrelated stop several blocks away and got out of the car. McMenamin was handcuffed in the back, Longobardi said.

“It’s unclear how but the defendant managed to get into the front of the vehicle,” Longobardi said.

As one of the detectives saw the car begin to move, he tried to grab the driver’s side door and stop it, according to court records. But McMenamin allegedly put the car in reverse, dragging the detective for about a block.

Longobardi said the detective had to tuck and roll “at the very last minute” to avoid being run over.

McMenamin allegedly sped off from Cooper Avenue and 59th Street just before 7 p.m., police said.

The detective was taken to Long Island Jewish Medical Center where he was treated for an injury to his leg and a possible torn ligament, according to court records.

The vehicle was recovered several blocks away with the alleged buyer still inside, according to court records.

It was unclear how McMenamin managed to free himself from handcuffs.

At an unrelated news conference Wednesday, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said there will be policy review of handcuffing to see how “this flexible young man” was able to get behind the wheel of a police van and flee.

McMenamin has several prior arrests, including for robbery and third degree arson.

In court on Wednesday, McMenamin’s lawyer asked that he not be contacted by any law enforcement officers for the purpose of an internal investigation. She declined to comment after the hearing.


with Maria Alvarez