Bus situation is source of frustration

To The Editor:

I live in Penn South, and am very frustrated about the bus situation on 28th Street and Seventh Avenue. There are many times I have to stand in the street to see if my city bus is coming. The out of town buses park at the bus stop, sometimes two and three at a time.

It is a dangerous situation for myself and others. I was once hemmed in between a city bus and out of town bus. The buses idle and emit fumes. If it is inclement weather, I can’t use the bus shelter, and I have to stand in the street for the city bus.

I have phoned elected officials office. They’re very nice, but there has been no solution to this problem. I understand the buses bring in business. However, as a tax payer (and as a woman of a “certain” age), I deserve a safe place to await the city bus. There have been other people waiting for the city bus who have agreed with me, but felt nothing would come out of phone calls. On the l4th of November, as a third bus was coming in to park, I actually stood in front of it — not allowing it to enter the third space.

I guess I am getting angry enough to fight back in any way that is legal, and that makes me feel somewhat empowered. The situation did not escalate, as my bus came along at that moment. I hope this letter creates more awareness of the problem, and that we begin to look at solutions.

Rabbi Marcia Rappaport