City’s brewing industry sees major jump

Every borough has at least one craft brewing company.
Every borough has at least one craft brewing company.

The Big Apple’s brewing industry is booming and shows no signs of going stale, according to the governor.

The number of city businesses manufacturing wine, beer, spirits and cider went up 237% since 2011 and now includes 64 companies, Andrew Cuomo said.

The governor said new laws and regulations that helped mom and pop breweries grow and advertise were a key component to the success of the industry.

“Enacting new business-friendly laws, lowering fees, and rolling back burdensome regulations are just a few steps we’ve taken to foster growth among beverage producers, create jobs and strengthen the local economy,” he said in a statement.

Every borough has at least one craft brewing company – including Staten Island, which hosts the recently opened Flagship Brewing Company. The number of breweries in the city has increased by 18 since 2011.

In addition to new laws, which cut the time to get a brewery manufacturing license in half and reduced fees, the state created an advertising campaign that highlight’s the city’s best companies. Brewery owners say those promotions have helped them tremendously.

“Our distilleries are growing enterprises — hiring new employees, working with fellow local businesses, supporting local farmers, and engaging our communities in embracing our state’s rich heritage in craft beverage production,” Nicole Austin, the president of the New York State Distillers Guild, said in a statement.