City’s tech jobs grow to 150k: Report

A city business coalition found that the Big Apple is not just booming when it comes to tech; the sector is boosting overall commerce.

A report issued by the Partnership for New York City found there are 150,000 technology jobs throughout the five boroughs and their average weighted wage is $96,400.

The group said it counted jobs not only in emerging tech firms, but also related positions in other companies.

"Businesses within the city’s legacy industries — finance, media, retail, and professional services — now use a wide range of technologies in fields such as financial technology, health information technology, and big data marketing. This is our future," the group said in a statement.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been touting the tech industries’ growth over the last few years and has pushed for more companies to set up shop in the city. Brooklyn in particular had a 21% growth in tech jobs between 2007 and 2012, according to the report.