The White House Tuesday released its latest assessment of global climate change, finding the northeast has been getting hotter and that sea levels are rising.

The comprehensive report on historical and projected climate change details how warmer temperatures will affect New York City and other parts of the northeast.

Northeast temperatures increased by almost 2 degrees between 1895 and 2011 and the sea level has risen a foot since the 20th century.

If emissions continue to increase without action on emissions, the climate can warm up 4.5 - 10 degrees by the 2080s. With reduction in emissions, the region can warm up to 6 degrees by then.

A study cited in the report said temperature changes in Manhattan could cause heat-related deaths could increase by 50 to 91% from levels in the 1980s by 2080. Emergency room visits for kids with ozone-related asthma are projected to increase 7.3% by the 2020s from 1990.

In a fashion akin to Superstorm Sandy, corrosive salt water from storm surges will wreak havoc on infrastructure in the subway systems, wastewater treatment plants and electrical equipment.