Cyclists must act like drivers

To The Editor:
Re “V.I.D. rolls out panel on bike lanes to find common ground” (news article, April 20):

Bicycles belong in New York City. However, we cyclists have to abide by the same principles as any moving vehicle. I call it “Riding by the law.” It’s simply bicycling as if you were in a car. Only by bicycling this way will we be respected by pedestrians and vehicles.

Additionally, we can influence others by behaving with restraint when someone is blocking our path or not following the rules. Shouting doesn’t solve any problems.

Regarding bike lanes, perhaps the city should have phased them in or notified businesses of the changes. I would argue that there are more upsides than down to bike lanes, and like any long-term investment, their benefits will be realized in time.

This city has been re-engineered drastically to accommodate cars. Maybe it hurts if you drive, but bikes do have their place. If we can all just give a little, the city will be better for it.

John C. Tripp