Davey’s: Old-school ice cream that’s chill

BY GABE HERMAN | As the weather gradually warms, it’s important to take stock of the quality ice cream places nearby. And Davey’s Ice Cream is one of the essential Downtown spots.

Located in the East Village at 137 First Ave., between St. Mark’s Place and E. Ninth St., Davey’s makes all of its ice cream bases on site.

And its ice cream is sourced locally, using all-natural milk and cream from New York State creameries. Some of Davey’s flavors change with the seasons since they use farmers market ingredients for some ice creams and sorbets.

Cookies and cream at Davey’s ice cream. (Photo by Gabe Herman)

And you can taste the quality in the ice cream. The shop’s standard flavors include peppermint chip, French vanilla, cookies and cream, strong coffee, and Nutella chocolate chunk.

There are also sundae options, an ice cream sandwich, milkshakes and brownies.

Davey’s opened six years ago. It’s small shop with a relaxed feel. Or, as its Web site says, “Been chill since 2013. It’s a vibe.”

The business was started by David Yoo, a former graphic designer. That influence can be seen in the colorful sign out front and the cozy feel of the store’s presentation.

Davey’s Ice Cream was founded by a former graphic designer, which explains its colorful retro-ish exterior. (Photo by Gabe Herman)

And the friendly vibe also comes from the nice staff, who chat with customers and are happy to offer them several sample tastings — always a plus at an ice cream shop.

The East Village location was the first Davey’s and it has since expanded to two Brooklyn spots, in Williamsburg and Greenpoint.

Davey’s is very popular with Yelp reviewers, getting an average of four and a half stars out of five.

“Davey’s has a fun, old school feel but offers ice cream that stacks up to the best of modern ice cream shops,” one man wrote on Yelp. “They offer classic flavors, but don’t let that bore you because they’re executed really, really well.”

A woman on Yelp wrote, “My boyfriend makes fun of me for saying that every ice cream shop in NYC is my favorite. But seriously, Davey’s is my favorite. Rarely will I give anything a 5-star review, but Davey’s deserves it.”

She went on to rave about their caramel sauce. Other toppings include Oreo cookie crumble, toasted coconut, and chopped peanuts, along with standards, like sprinkles and whipped cream.

A full menu and more information can be found at daveysicecream.com.

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