De Blasio defends NYPD for Flood Wall Street arrests

Monday’s environmental protest led to 100 arrests.

Mayor Bill de Blasio defended the NYPD’s actions during Monday’s environmental sit down protest that led to 100 arrests.

The mayor told reporters Tuesday the police did a “fantastic job” allowing the Flood Wall Street protesters to let their voices be heard while simultaneously keeping the peace, and ensuring that the rally didn’t disrupt the public.

“The NYPD, consistent with how they have handled Occupy in the past, did a great job of striking the right balance,” he said.

Most of the arrests took place at night after the police warned protesters to leave the streets. Many of the arrested protesters were charged with disorderly conduct.

Councilman Jumaane Williams, who criticized the NYPD for its previous handling of Occupy demonstrations, sided with the mayor.

The councilman commended the police for not getting violent with protesters.

“The police did try to work with the protesters to make sure their voices were heard,” the councilman said.

Ivan Pereira