‘Dear Future NYC’ challenge offers $30K to a community-minded young adult

How would you better tomorrow with one idea?

Liberty Coca-Cola Beverages is looking for young adults to share their ideas on how to renew, strengthen and bring good into their hometowns.

Anyone between the ages of 18 and 24 can submit ideas for the “Dear Future New York City” challenge, where they must tackle a challenge focused on how to best connect youths with businesses in an effort to find jobs, One winner will be selected and given a $30,000 grant to put their idea in action, and will be partnered with community leaders for mentoring and collaborating to make their vision a reality by early 2019.

Partnering with local bottlers and partners, Coca-Cola identified issues across the country, from recycling in Boston, to getting women and girls involved in public service in Los Angeles, to helping military veterans transition to civilian careers in Dallas.

Caren Pasquale Seckler, vice president of social commitment at the Coca-Cola Company, said, “we live and work (in these communities) and inspire great ideas that will help our hometowns thrive. We want to write the next chapter of our story together with the young adults who have the energy, optimism and potential to be future leaders in these communities.”

Applicants must choose the challenge specific to their community, then summarize their idea in 300 words or less. The submission must also include up to two photos or videos to tell Coca-Cola more about themselves and their idea.

The challenge question for New York City states:

In New York City, many people struggle with the rising costs of living. The local business community can help by expanding training, mentoring and other opportunities for young adults that can get them good jobs. What can we do together to connect the young people from New York City to the business that can help them?

The rules of the challenge only allow a person to submit one idea, not multiple.

Organizations will be paired to the specific idea the winner has, and focuses towards.

Liberty Coca-Cola and the Coca-Cola Company are doing pop-ups at St. John’s University in Queens and Fordham University in the Bronx to explain the initiative. There, they will have representatives from the company to raise awareness of challenges and have workshops anyone can attend, and even submit ideas on site.

For more information and to apply, click here. The application is open through Monday, Oct. 15.