Cop indicted for offering job in exchange for sex

The Brooklyn DA says Lantigua “shamefully violated” his position as a police officer.

A police officer was indicted Wednesdayfor allegedly offering a woman a job in the department in exchange for sex, according to the Brooklyn DA.

Delfin Lantigua, 34, allegedly told the woman, who had a pending application, he could expedite the hiring process if she slept with him, the DA’s office said. He allegedly contacted her on Facebook in February.

Lantigua was held in lieu of $3,500 bail.

Brooklyn DA Ken Thompson said Lantigua “shamefully violated” his position as a police officer.

“He will now be prosecuted for his outrageous conduct,” Thompson said in a statement. Lantigua was charged with third-degree bribery, second-degree coercion and official misconduct, the DA’s office said. If convicted, he faces up to seven years in prison.

The woman went to cops and consented to wear a wire to meet Lantigua in March, where he allegedly asked to sleep with her and demanded $1,000, the DA’s office said.

She allegedly agreed to a meeting at a Brooklyn motel where Lantigua was arrested March 13. Lantigua, who lives in Kensington, was an officer for five years, the DA’s office said.

His attorney, Stephen Flamhaft, said Lantigua’s alleged actions “appear to be a contrived arrangement initiated by the police department.”

Alison Fox