Donald Trump protests in NYC draw crowds: See photos

Demonstrators took to the streets Sunday for a fifth day of protests against the stated policies of President-elect Donald Trump.

Many gathered outside the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Columbus Circle, carrying signs that spoke out against Trump’s positions. The day before, thousands marched from Union Square to Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue, chanting “Not my president” and other anti-Trump slogans. Two people were arrested for obstructing governmental administration, police said.

The day before, a gathering of hundreds of people began with what was called a Love Rally in Washington Square Park. Many then marched to Trump Tower. The NYPD reported 11 people were arrested Friday on disorderly conduct charges.

The demonstrations began Wednesday night when thousands marched through the streets of Manhattan.

Police said 65 people were arrested at the protest Wednesday, primarily for disorderly conduct. One woman was arrested and charged with assault in a gathering outside Trump Tower on Thursday night, police said.

Other protests are scheduled to take place in the coming days.

See photos from the protests below.