Don’t Pass the Peppa Sauce does Drunk Bible at Tank Theatre

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Ever wondered what Moses or Mary Magdalene would be like on dating apps? Neither did we! What advice do the three kings have for Jesus now that he’s moved out of his parents’ house and to the Bronx? Enjoy the island vibes with complimentary drinks and edible treats as we wander across the many highs and lows of Bible; the Don’t Pass The Pepper Sauce edition.

Don’t Pass The Peppa Sauce (DPTPS) is a Caribbean Sketch Comedy team driven by creating and fostering an environment of inclusion and opportunity for Caribbean creatives. Caribbean Bible will spotlight stories in the Bible we are all familiar with and add a modern, hysterical twists you won’t want to miss!

DPTPS sold out all four of the comedy sketch group’s performances at The Tank within the first year of the group’s conception. Many members of the comedic team have even seen great success by landing shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other independent projects.

However, with the pandemic and Broadway closing for approximately two years, many members of the group faced hardship with the loss of family members, concerns for health and safety, as well as focusing on maintaining a positive state of mental health. Throughout the lockdown period, founder and producer Jordana Persad kept her spirits high and knew this was a temporary setback. With faith in God and her team, Persad firmly believes that DPTPS will only prevail and have more success now that New York and Broadway have reopened.

DPTPS is currently set to return to The Tank on December 11, 2021, nearly two years after their sold-out Caribbean NYC theme show in 2020. The show starts at 10 p.m. 

For more information, visit thetanknyc.org.

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