DT Alliance gives Yankees yet another piece of granite


Volume 23, Number 6 | The Newspaper of Lower Manhattan | June 18 – 24, 2010

The manager of the big Yankees greets the players of the little Yankees on Tuesday.

DT Alliance gives Yankees yet another piece

of granite

On Tuesday, the Downtown Alliance unveiled a new granite strip in fron of the Woolworth building, along the “Canyon of Heroes,” to commemorate the New York Yankees 2009 World Series Championship. Manager Joe Girardi was on hand and was flanked by members of the Downtown Little League Yankees.

“I would rather be here, than anywhere else in the world,” said 8-year old Julianne Horowitz.

“I think it’s really exciting because my favorite team is the Yankeees,” said Horowitz’s teammate Chase Behar.

President of the Downtown Alliance Liz Berger said, “We do this to mark the past so future generations can be inspired.”

The Yankees have received more ticker tape parades along the historic route than the Queen of England, various WWII Generals and the Apollo astronauts combined.