ELECTION RESULTS | Hochul, other statewide Dems projected as winners as national ‘red wave’ appears to fizzle

Voting in the 2022 midterms
Photo by Dean Moses

New York voters apparently made history on Election Day, as multiple outlets called the governor’s race for incumbent Kathy Hochul — making her the first woman elected as New York state’s chief executive. 

Other statewide incumbent Democrats were also successful in their pursuit for re-election — including U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli and Attorney General Letitia James. 

Turnout was strong in the Five Boroughs on Election Day after nine days of early voting, with totals exceeding the 2021 turnout by 3 p.m. on Nov. 8. More than a million New Yorkers cast ballots this year in the crucial contests, led by the heated governor’s race between Hochul and Republican Congress Member Lee Zeldin.

All of New York state’s 26 Congressional seats were also up for grabs. Freshman Republican Congress Member Nicole Malliotakis won a second term in the 11th Congressional District seat, turning back a challenge from the man she beat for the job in 2020, Democrat Max Rose.

Meanwhile, Republican George Santos declared victory over Democrat Robert Zimmerman in the 3rd District race that includes a portion of northeast Queens and much of northern Nassau County. Santos, who attended the Jan. 6, 2021 rally that led up to the Capitol insurrection, is set to replace the outgoing Democrat Tom Suozzi in the House of Representatives.

It’s believed that the 3rd District contest was the first Congressional race in American history in which both candidates were openly gay men.

And while the anticipated “red wave” fizzled out nationally, Long Island experienced a crimson tide. Republicans have either been projected to win, or are currently leading, all four Congressional seats representing Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

Voters will chose their Assembly and State Senate representative, and fill several judicial seats. Four ballot questions were also answered by the voters — all in the affirmative, based on projections.

For results on the local legislative races, head over to our sister sites QNS.com, BrooklynPaper.com and BxTimes.com.

Below is a rundown of all the statewide races, New York City Congressional races, Manhattan state Senate and Assembly races, and the four ballot questions. 

Note: All returns are as of 8:40 a.m. Nov. 9. Returns for the governor, comptroller, attorney general and U.S. Senate races are statewide numbers. Projected winners, as called by other outlets such as the Associated Press and The New York Times, will have a √ in front of their names. All vote totals are preliminary and subject to change.


Governor/Lieutenant Governor Total Vote Percentage
√-Kathy Hochul & Antonio Delgado (D) (WFP) (i) 2,944,456


Lee Zeldin & Alison Esposito (R) (C) 2,659,153 47.06%


State Comptroller Total Vote Percentage
√-Thomas DiNapoli (D) (WFP) (i) 3,105,060 54.96%
Paul Rodriguez (R) (C) 2,088,042



Attorney General Total Vote Percentage
√-Letitia James (D) (WFP) (i) 2,972,580 52.61%
Michael Henry (R) (C) 2,230,245 44.83%
United States Senator Total Vote Percentage
√-Chuck Schumer (D) (WFP) (i) 3,110,578 55.01%
Joe Pinion (R) (C) 2,408,123 42.58%
Diane Sare (Larouche) 25,390 0.45%


U.S. Congress – 3rd District (Queens/Long Island Total Vote Percentage
Robert Zimmerman (D) (WFP)  120,060 44.42%
√-George Santos (R) (C) 142,017 52.55%


U.S. Congress – 5th District (Queens) Total Vote Percentage
√-Gregory Meeks (D) (i) 97,981 75.07%
Paul King (R) (C) 32,393 24.82%


U.S. Congress – 6th District (Queens) Total Vote Percentage
√-Grace Meng (D) (i) 79,056 63.19%
Thomas Zmich (R) (C) (Medical Freedom) 46,188 36.71%


U.S. Congress – 7th District (Queens/Brooklyn) Total Vote Percentage
√-Nydia Velazquez (D) (WFP) (i) 111,968 80.36%
Juan Pagan (R) (C) 27,142 19.48%
U.S. Congress – 8th District (Brooklyn/Queens)  Total Vote Percentage
√-Hakeem Jeffries (D) (i) 93,295 72.35%
Yuri Dashevsky (R) (C) 35,486 27.52%


U.S. Congress – 9th District (Brooklyn)  Total Vote Percentage
√-Yvette Clarke (D) (WFP) (i) 111,162 81.95%
Menachem Raitport (C)  24,143 17.8%
U.S. Congress -10th District (Brooklyn/Manhattan)  Total Vote Percentage
√-Daniel Goldman (D)  149,261 83.37%
Benine Hamdan (R) (C) 27,230 15.21%
Steve Speer (Medical Freedom) 1,357



U.S. Congress – 11th District (Brooklyn/Staten Island Total Vote Percentage
Max Rose (D) 69,241 37.83%
√-Nicole Malliotakis (R) (C) (i) 113,485 62.01%


U.S. Congress -12th District (Manhattan)  Total Vote Percentage
√-Jerrold Nadler (D) (WFP) (i) 186,357 81.53%
Michael Zumbluskas (R) (C) 41,264 18.05%
Mikhail Itkis (Itkis Campaign) 583


U.S. Congress -14th District (Queens/Bronx)  Total Vote Percentage
√-Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D) (WFP) (i)   78,788 70.47%
Tina Forte (R)  30,661 27.43%
Desi Cuellar (C)  2,128



U.S. Congress – 15th District (Bronx)  Total Vote Percentage
√-Ritchie Torres (D) (i) 72,610 82.48%
Stylo Sapaskis (R) 15,265 17.34%


U.S. Congress – 16th District (Bronx/Westchester)  Total Vote Percentage
√-Jamaal Bowman (D) (WFP) (i) 91,974 57.42%
Miriam Flisser (R) 57,723 36.04%


27th State Senate District – Manhattan Total Vote Percentage
√-Brian Kavanagh (D) (i) 58,674 95.33%
Eric Rassi (Medical Freedom) 2,526 4.1%


28th State Senate District – Manhattan Total Vote Percentage
√-Liz Krueger (D) (WFP) (i) 71,529 77.59%
Awadhesh Kumar Gupta (R) 20,604 22.35%
31st State Senate District – Manhattan/Bronx Total Vote Percentage
√-Robert Jackson (D) (WFP) (i) 39,987 84.99%
Donald Skinner (R) 6,971



47th State Senate District – Manhattan Total Vote Percentage
√-Brad Hoylman (D) (WFP) (i) 85,039 92.95%
Robert Bobrick (Medical Freedom)  1,437 1.57%
Maria Danzilo (Parent Party) 4,690 5.13%


65th Assembly District – Manhattan Total Vote Percentage
√-Grace Lee (D) 19,410 75.75%
Helen Qiu (R) 6,138 23.95%


68th Assembly District – Manhattan Total Vote Percentage
√-Eddie Gibbs (D) (WFP) (i) 18,773 85.96%
Daby Benjamine Carreras (R) 3,010 13.78%


69th Assembly District – Manhattan Total Vote Percentage
√-Daniel J. O’Donnell (D) (i) 36,971 90.14%
Ian McKenzie (R)  3,979 9.7%


73rd Assembly District – Manhattan Total Vote Percentage
√-Alex Bores (D) 30,535 73.88%
David Casavis (R)  10,781 26.08%


74th Assembly District – Manhattan Total Vote Percentage
√-Harvey Epstein (D) (WFP) (i) 28,258 82.89%
Bryan Cooper (R) 5,769 16.92%


75th Assembly District – Manhattan Total Vote Percentage
√-Tony Simone (D)  27,576 82.1%
Joseph Maffia (R) (Arts & Culture) 5,947



Ballot Proposal 1 – State Environmental Bond Act of 2022 Total Vote Percentage
√-Yes 3,333,589 59.01%
No 1,630,054 28.85%


Ballot Proposal 2 – Statement of Values to Guide Government Total Vote Percentage
√-Yes 1,026,767 72.31%
No 393,184 27.69%


Ballot Proposal 3 – Establishing a city Racial Equity Office, Plan and Commission Total Vote Percentage√
√-Yes 986,506 69.8%
No 426,787 30.2%


Ballot Proposal 4 – City Measure the True Cost of Living Total Vote Percentage
√-Yes 1,154,719 81.03%
No 270,395 18.97%