Fast food workers keep heat on wages in protest

Hundreds of fast food workers Thursday held another protest against low wages at major chain restaurants.

Employees of McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s and other restaurants joined with union members and elected officials across the city in seeking a $15 an hour wage. The protest, part of a nationwide action, ended at a rally in Foley Square.

Protesting workers said they do more than just flip burgers — their responsibilities include cleaning, handling drive-thru orders and manning the cash registers.

"We’re doing more than $7.25 work," said Sunny Sedeno, a 24-year-old Harlem resident who works part-time at a McDonald’s in Soundview.

Adam Haynie, a 21-year-old Crown Heights resident who works at a Wendy’s in downtown Brooklyn, said the rally was his third protest for higher wages.

"Every one, more and more people I see," said Haynie, a soon-to-be father of three children and full-time student. "Now I know there’s more people willing to help us get $15 an hour."