‘Fearless Girl’ statue defended by de Blasio after ‘Charging Bull’ sculptor calls for removal

The “Fearless Girl” statue in Wall Street still has support from the city, Mayor Bill de Blasio said days after the sculptor of the “Charging Bull” called for its removal. 

Arturo Di Modica wants the bronze statue of a girl with her hands on her hips to be moved from its spot across from his iconic “Charging Bull” statue. 

He argued on April 12 that the placement of the statue violates his copyright to the bull, and he is challenging the legality of the permit allowing it to stay until February 2018. Di Modica added that the “Fearless Girl” hinders the bull’s optimistic and positive message.

But de Blasio said Friday that the artist needs to “recognize that times change.”

“Let’s be blunt, the Charging Bull is a celebration of unfettered capitalism,” he said in an interview with WNYC. “You could say it is about the spirit of optimism, sure . . . But it is a symbol of Wall Street. And Wall Street – to say the least – is a double-edge sword.”

The mayor said the city is in its legal right to keep the “Fearless Girl” where she is.

“I think this is absolutely a mistake by this sculptor, and we will fight him legally,” he said. “We’re going to defend ‘Fearless Girl’ and her right to be there.”

The “Fearless Girl” was placed in Wall Street on March 7, the eve of International Women’s Day. 

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