Sixty years ago, in an Aug. 19, 1948, front-page article, The Villager reported that a wrecking crew had completed demolition on a nearly century-old, four-story, brick building at 42 Greenwich Ave., near Charles St., clearing the way for an additional 2,530 square feet of playground space for P.S. 41, adding to the school’s then 6,818 square feet of playground space. Adjacent to the school, the old house was originally used as the residence of the school janitor. Before its demolition, it had been largely vacant, save for sporadic uses, such as for a veterans’ craft project. “For more than a score of years,” The Villager reported, “Mrs. Mary G. Chisholm, principal of P.S. 41, has been advocating the demolition of the building to make way for additional play space, as well as for an exit to the entirely enclosed rear yard behind the school building.”