Glick: Houston St. reconstruction could create ‘Boulevard of Death’

The proposed reconstruction of Houston St., especially changes to the median and the addition of left-turn bays, would be reminiscent of the “Boulevard of Death” in Queens, said Assemblymember Deborah Glick in a Jan. 22 statement on the $25 million project.

“The plans presented call for the median to be raised 25 inches to facilitate planters such as the ones on Park Ave. and on Queens Blvd., frequently referred to as the Boulevard of Death,” Glick said.

The combined effect of enlarging the median and creating left-turn bays may encourage drivers to treat Houston St. as a highway and forget that it runs through a community with many seniors and children, said Glick.

The proposed expansion of the sidewalk on the south side of Houston St. between Sixth Ave. and W. Broadway “does not appear to have the support of Houston St. residents or to be necessary,” Glick added.

She urged the Department of Transportation to determine the feasibility of painting left-turn arrows in the existing left lane and adjusting stoplights’ timing to facilitate left turns. Glick also suggested incorporating a red-light delay to give pedestrians crossing Houston St. a head start.

“Surely some of Houston Street’s problems can be alleviated without the costly and bothersome aspects of this project,” the assemblymember said.