Google, Apple reveal new gadget plans

Competing tech giants Google and Apple made separate gadget announcements Tuesday.

Apple said it will again offer its iPad 4, in place of the current iPad 2 for the same price, and Google said smartwatches powered by its Android platform will be available later this year.

Google said it is teaming up with electronics companies like Samsung Electronics and Intel, as well as the fashion company Fossil, to design the line if watches, to be called Android Wear.

According to a video posted to Google’s blog, users will be able to do things like speak to their watches, monitor sports scores, listen to music, text, and open garage doors.

As for Apple’s iPad 4, it was previously on the market in 2012 but discontinued last year when the iPad Air was unveiled. The iPad 2 was launched in 2011, and will now be discontinued.

The reborn device has a 9.7-inch Retina display in a 16GB Wi-Fi model for $399 and a 16GB Wi-Fi plus cellular model for $529, the company said. It will carry all four major U.S. carriers — Sprint, Verizon Communications, AT&T and T-Mobile.

Apple also said it will release an 8GB iPhone 5C in Australia, China and parts of Europe.