Hallelujah! Synagogue is landmarked


After nearly 50 years in landmarking limbo, Tifereth Israel Town & Village Synagogue, at 334 E. 14th St., was designated an individual landmark on Oct. 28 by the city’s Landmarks Preservation Commission.

The historic house of worship was built in 1866 as the First German Baptist Church. In 1926, it became the Ukrainian Autocephalic Church of St. Volodymyr. In 1962, it became the Town & Village Synagogue.

Shortly after New York’s landmarks law was adopted in 1965, the building was formally considered for designation, yet never received a vote. However, for the next five decades, it remained officially “calendared” by L.P.C.

Last year, the building was advertised for sale, prompting the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation and other preservation and East Village groups to lobby L.P.C. to vote on landmarking it.

When Meenakshi Srinivasan was appointed the new Landmarks chairperson in July, G.V.S.H.P. urged her finally to move ahead with a vote on designating the building.

“This venerable piece of our neighborhood’s history will finally receive the protection it deserves,” said Andrew Berman, G.V.S.H.P. executive director.