Halo ride at Penn Station would offer thrills up to 1,200 feet

A different kind of excitement could be headed to Penn Station.

Thrills and excitement in Penn Station? Said basically no New Yorker. Ever.

But that’s exactly what the drab commuter hub could be getting if a developer’s plan to build a 1,200-foot amusement ride on top is approved.

The Halo, proposed by Brooklyn Capital Partners, would feature 11 vertical rise-and-fall rides at differing speeds inside a futuristic cone — capable of reaching at least 100 mph. The developers proposed the ride could be built on top of Madison Square Garden or the back of the Farley post office.

The project is expected to cost about $637 million and take 20 months to build from the time the permit is granted, according to a spokesman for the developer. It will cost $35 per ride.

And it could be seen from just about anywhere — Brooklyn Capital Partners want to make the ride taller than the Empire State Building.

But the midtown hub is not o-Penn for thrills just yet.

The effort comes in response to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s goal to turn Penn Station “into a world-class transportation hub,” but still requires the approval of Amtrak, the MTA, and New Jersey Transit, according to the developers.

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