Helicopters are terrorizing

To the Editor,
I have just read your piece on Zuccotti Park.  It is rather mild mannered, considering how demonstrators are being treated.  Our mayor claims to have the welfare of its citizens at heart and expresses concern about the drumming that keeps people awake around Zuccotti Park.  At the same time he authorizes or orders the police department to terrorize our downtown neighborhood with constant helicopter noise.  We might as well live in a war zone.  This has been going on for two months plus now.  We are being awakened daily (incl. Sundays) by roving helicopters between 5:30am and 7 a.m..  If we are lucky, there is a one hour break  at  lunchtime and then it starts up again until the late evening hours.   They hover overhead, sometimes so low that our windows are vibrating.  Supposedly one can call 311 to complain about airplane noise, what about this daily barrage of noise pollution sanctioned by our city mayor? I suspect it would stop if he lived in this neighborhood.  Does anybody believe that he is concerned about our well-being and safety?  I suspect he is more interested in protecting the interest of his 1% constituents.   It might be interesting for you to take issue with this the next time you are reporting about OWS.  Does anybody at your paper live in this neighborhood?
Erna Rubik