Homeless man cuffed for Washington Square Park deadly stabbing

Police cuffed 30-year-old Khajah Gaye on July 18.
Photo by Dean Moses

A homeless man was cuffed on Tuesday for a deadly stabbing in Washington Square Park last month, police said.

Detectives from Manhattan’s 6th Precinct tracked 30-year-old Khajah Gaye to 121 Hell Gate Circle on Randall’s Island for a murder he allegedly committed on June 21 inside the popular West Village Park. At around 4:25 p.m. that day, authorities say 35-year-old Edward Bullock, also apparently homeless, was stabbed in the chest inside Washington Square Park. EMS rushed Bullock to Lenox Hill Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

30-year-old Khajah Gaye.Photo by Dean Moses

While police did not specify a motive, sources did say that investigators were able to track the suspect using surveillance footage. Gaye is known to police, having been arrested several times in the past.

Gaye was walked out of the 6th Precinct late Tuesday afternoon by detectives. 

“What do you want to know?” Gaye asked with his wrists cuffed and his legs shackled.

When amNewYork Metro asked about the crime, Gaye maintained his innocence, simply responding: “Stabbed who? What are you talking about?” before he was placed in the back of an unmarked police vehicle.

Gaye is charged with murder.

30-year-old Khajah Gaye.Photo by Dean Moses