Hudson Scare’s spooky birds highlight green issues

Some of the spooky birds, which are made from recycled materials. (Courtesy Hudson Square BID)

BY GABE HERMAN | These days, perhaps the only thing scarier than Halloween is single-use plastics.

The Hudson Square Business Improvement District (BID) has installed an art display as part of its “Hudson Scare” celebration that highlights recycling and sustainability.

“Forevermore” is a series of over 150 birds made from plastic bags, tin foil, newspaper and other reused materials from artists Vicky Shum and Zofi Lipton. The birds have been placed in trees throughout the neighborhood, including in Spring Street Park and Freeman Plaza East.

The concept is to combine the Halloween celebration with highlighting the “ghostly” presence of single-use plastics, according to the BID, even as the city and state enact green policies to reduce use of single-use plastic bags.

(Courtesy Hudson Square BID)

“The ‘Forevermore’ project combines Hudson Square’s spirit of creativity with our commitment to sustainability,” said the BID’s President Ellen Baer. “The displays are meant to encourage people to get outside to explore and enjoy the neighborhood as much as possible during the month of October.”

The trashy birds will be on display through the end of October. All of the plastic bags will be kept for reuse in future projects. The green theme of the bird project was also inspired by the BID’s tree planting program, “Hudson Square Standard,” which has installed 250 trees with plans for 100 more in the next three years, the BID noted.

Other events in Hudson Scare, which runs through Oct. 31, include discounted cocktails and signature beverages at Whitman’s, Seven Grams Caffe, Brooklyneer, Adoro Lei, Café Altro Paradiso and the Arlo Hotel. There is also a costume contest where people can submit costume photos to the BID through Instagram or by emailing info@hudsonsquarebid.org.