‘ICEWatch’ offers searchable details of immigration raids via interactive map

The details of hundreds of immigration raids are now searchable online.

A new interactive map pinpoints the locations of 698 ICE raids mostly in the New York area. The map, called “ICEWatch,” was launched Monday by the Immigrant Defense Project in partnership with the Center for Constitutional Rights.

Each pinpoint on the map describes the scenario of the arrest and outlines any tactics used. Users can filter results by type of raid — home, courthouse, street or other — or by ICE tactics — surveillance, warrantless entry, ruse, collateral arrest or use of force. Courthouse raids form the largest clusters on the map, which is viewable at raidsmap.immdefense.org.

“ICEwatch shines a light on ICE’s program of terrorizing communities through raids, ruses, home invasions, courthouse arrests and other forms of coercion,” Ghita Schwarz, Center for Constitutional Rights senior attorney, said in a release. “By demonstrating the wide reach of ICE’s destructive and unlawful tactics, we hope to educate and empower immigrants and allies.”

IDP gathered the information in the map through Freedom of Information Act requests and by monitoring ICE.

“By making the reports of dehumanizing tactics widely available through ICEwatch, we aim to inform the public and community members around the escalation of ‘unshackled’ ICE policing,” Genia Blaser, IDP senior staff attorney, said in a news release. “We also continue to work with allies to challenge the demonization and criminalization that ICE relies on to enact its mass deportation agenda, and to support efforts to defund and abolish this agency.”

ICE did not respond to a request for comment.