Art and advocacy: Inside the Meta Betties’ gallery at The Oculus

The Meta Betties
The Meta Betties
Photo by Sophie Maxx

New York City has always been a hub for social activism, and with the upcoming 2024 Election and Earth Day, Meta Betties has stepped in to present the next frontier of advocacy inside The Oculus at the World Trade Center.

Meta Betties is a multidisciplinary brand blending art, fashion,  performance, and technology to redefine meaningful civic engagement in today’s digital age. 

As the official Artist in Residence at The Canvas 3.0, Meta Betties’ immersive gallery fuses multimedia artistry and live events to orchestrate experiences that not only entertain but also educate and mobilize New York’s community towards social change.

The gallery’s first monthly social cause rally has partnered with The Earth Bill organization to host a timely event in honor of Earth Day on April 20.

The Earth Bill has remained active on the floor of Congress since NYC-native, Rep. Espaillat first introduced the bill in December 2022. With 84% of New Yorkers concerned about the climate crisis today, the Earth Bill aims to combat climate change through renewable energy, electric vehicles, sustainable farming, and tax breaks for eco-friendly practices.

Blakelee Pieroni, the Meta Betties Founder.courtesy of the Meta Betties

This week Meta Betties will combine art, education, and action for New York to learn about the history, science, and potential impact of global warming and directly engage with legislation for sustainable change.

“Most people care deeply about the current state of affairs across a variety of social issues, but find it challenging to find practical and legitimate ways to participate as an individual. Resources and mechanisms to take action are hard to find and fragmented across too many different sources, with disinformation scattered across the centralized web,” explained Blakelee Pieroni, Co-founder of Meta Betties.

The event will feature performances like a ‘Climate Ballet’ along with conversations held by subject matter experts like Rep. Espaillat, Congressional Sponsor of the Earth Bill and Chad Frischmann, CEO and Founder of RegenIntel, most notable for his TED talk on Climate. 

Part of Meta Betties’ action-focused ethos, the event will have live advocacy stations for participants to connect directly with their local representatives and advocate for the Earth Bill in just a few clicks – powered by the brand’s digital Action Center.

Photos by Sophie Maxx

“The Meta Betties Action Center incorporates next-generation technology to aggregate information and engagement tools in one portal, so that all content and interactions are immutable, fraudulent-resistant, and censorship-proof,” Pieroni added.

These efforts will also be surrounded by art, animated infographics, and performances to create a thematic experience designed to educate and inspire action on the climate crisis.

As The Canvas 3.0’s Artist in Residency, the Meta Betties Gallery will serve as a creative launchpad for NYC throughout 2024. By hosting a diverse array of events — from meet-ups, art workshops to tech demos and wellness sessions — the gallery invites New Yorkers and visitors alike to participate in a movement that transcends traditional boundaries of activism.

“Having this platform, at this symbolic location, in this pivotal moment in our cultural times, is both incredibly humbling and inspiring. It feels like there is no better place than this, and no better time than now, to pioneer a new use case for crypto art; to mobilize community action in the name of social advancement,” said Pieroni.

For those looking to experience the intersection of creativity and activism firsthand, the Meta Betties gallery will be open every Wednesday-Saturday through 2024 inside The Canvas 3.0 located at The Oculus 185 Greenwich St, New York, NY, 10006.