Alligator dies after NYPD rescue in Inwood

A (possibly) daring NYPD rescue wasn’t enough to save a 3-foot long alligator.

The alligator rescued by NYPD officers in Inwood on Thursday has died, the Animal Care Centers of NYC said on Friday.

NYPD officers from the 34th Precinct rescued the 3-foot long alligator, snapping a pic of it crossing 9th Ave. near 205th St. The NYPD’s 34th Precinct tweeted, “So this alligator was crossing 9th Ave in #Inwood…no, really. At 205 Str. Cops took him to Animal Control #whatnext.”

When a twitter user pointed out that it appeared to be a crocodile, the 34th Precinct responded, “Oh, ok. Then it makes much more sense that he’d be on 9th. That’s more of a crocodile hangout than an alligator spot…thx.”

The Daily News reported that police at the scene think the alligator may have been headed for Harlem Bay. Or maybe because Harlem is so trendy now.

The alligator was sent to Animal Care Centers of NYC, where it was named CockadoodleQ and housed in an aquarium-type setting. But unfortunately–and especially since it is unknown what conditions the alligator lived under–CockadoodleQ died Friday morning.

Exotic animals such as alligators are illegal to own in NYC.