Jane didn’t let in Latina and friend

A doorman for the club at The Jane Hotel is accused of refusing to let in two women after hurling anti-Hispanic slurs at one of them. Photo by Beyond My Ken

BY LIZZY ROSENBERG | Unless you live under a rock, you’re probably aware of the unshakable racism that continually plagues our society in the form of microaggressions, and unfortunately, outward acts of aggression. Even liberal cities like New York are not exempt. Vancouver native Heba Maleki and a Colombian friend, Luisa Abuchaibe, now know this first-hand.

On Sept. 16, Maleki and Abuchaibe were visiting the Big Apple, when they decided to meet up with friends at The Jane hotel in the West Village. While two Caucasian girls ahead of them entered the bar with no problem, Maleki, who is of Middle Eastern descent and was raised in the Bahá’í faith, and her friend were denied entry. When they asked why, the bouncer reportedly responded with a slew of derogatory terms, such as “disgusting Mexicans” and “Gisele Bundchen wannabe Spanish bitch.”

Shocked, Maleki asked was he joking.

“Bitch, does it look like I’m joking? Now get off my property,” she said he responded, encroaching on their space.

The women felt sufficiently threatened by his words and demeanor that they decided not to enter. The worst part, she said, there were bystanders, and nobody said anything.

“What saddened me was how no one spoke up,” Maleki said in a Facebook post. “Everyone around stood as spectators and people who observed what was happening still proceeded to enter the lounge. People put their heads down and walked in as if it had nothing to do with them. What they don’t realize is by ignoring such hate, you are both normalizing and accepting racism. As we stood outside we saw other visual minorities being turned away.”

The Jane has received multiple prior race-related and misogynist complaints on Yelp about this particular bouncer, as well as other Jane staff.

The Villager called The Jane hotel management several times but was unable to get a comment on the matter.

Fortunately, one man was able to turn around the women’s bad night out. Maleki and Abuchaibe were approached by a friendly guy outside The Jane who comforted them, and then sent them to Park Bar, a few blocks north on E. 15th St. in Union Square. He informed the bar of the women’s horrifying experience, and the pair were met with hugs by the staff and complimentary drinks.

“While our night ended on a positive note, it does not erase the fact that discrimination and racism exist today,” Maleki said. “Shame on The Jane for such disgusting practices. We cannot stand by…and normalize racism. It is a disease. … We cannot be silent!”