Joe’s Pizza now slinging slices in FiDi

Delicious pizza slices at Joe’s on Carmine St., like these, are now available at the famous restaurant’s new Financial District location.

BY ROSE ADAMS | The Financial District has transformed into a foodie haven, and Joe’s Pizza wants a slice of the action.

The iconic Greenwich Village pizzeria opened a fifth location last Thursday at 124 Fulton St., between Nassau and Dutch Sts. The restaurant decided to open a FiDi location because of soaring demand in the area, according to Eater.

“We had a lot of people asking us to come down to FiDi,” Sal Vitale told the food blog. Vitale is a manager at the Joe’s and the founder’s grandson.

Pino “Joe” Pozzuoli opened the first Joe’s Pizza at 7 Carmine St. in 1975 with only his sons for staff. The joint has gained quite the following. It’s since opened locations in Times Square, Union Square and Williamsburg, and has been named one of New York’s “Best Pizzas” in GQ and The New York Times Magazine.

“Joe’s crust, thin and flexible but not too soft, is perfect for street pizza,” raves a 2009 article in GQ. “Atop it is not much cheese and not much sauce, merely enough, in ideal symmetry.”

Joe’s is also cited on Trip Advisor, and the Carmine St. location is frequently jammed with large groups that are obviously tourists who have the pizza joint on their list of must-see attractions.

You can stop by for and enjoy a fresh slice at the counter, or call 212-267-0860 for delivery.