Jonathon Zizmor, NY subway ad dermatologist, retires: Report

Famed New York dermatologist Dr. Jonathon Zizmor, who ran a series of colorful subway ads since the early ‘80s, has quietly called it quits at age 70, according to The Daily News.

Zizmor became a New York icon due to a long-running series of ads that often featured him standing before a rainbow. His cult status was cemented in 2012 when “Saturday Night Live” gave Zizmor a shoutout during a parody of the Chanel marketing campaign that featured Brad Pitt.

Zizmor has been trying to sell his Fieldston mansion in the Bronx for the last three years, The Daily News also reported. The home is currently listed for $3.075 million.

The doctor has been spending his time studying the Talmud since retiring, a close family member told The Daily News.