Kimlau Square seniors to trick bikers: You’re benched!


Chinatown’s Kimlau Square, at the intersection of the Bowery and Park Row, is a popular spot for local seniors who want to get out of their cooped-up apartments, sit outside and schmooze. Recently, however, complaints have grown about young cyclists and skateboarders descending on the plaza to use the banks of its planters for high-flying tricks. One night, a group of individuals dressed as construction workers reportedly even smoothed over part of a planter’s cobblestones so they could use it as a ramp to launch off from during the day. Now, community members are saying it’s time to “reclaim the square.” In response, the Parks Department has been installing more benches in hopes of dissuading the tricksters from using the planters. Getting them to pull up their pants, though, may be a tougher challenge.

Aline Reynolds