Koch on Film


By Ed Koch

“Donkey Punch” (+)

This film caught my attention after reading Stephen Holden’s review in The New York Times. He wrote that it “offers a juicy, titillating portrait of bored vacationing Britons at play in Mallorca.” “Donkey Punch” is one of the bloodiest and scariest movies that I have ever seen and its sex scenes, while not exhibiting frontal nudity, are as bacchanalian as you can get.

The picture opens on an island off Spain where three young English women are vacationing: Lisa (Sian Breckin), Kim (Jamie Winstone), and Tammi (Nichola Burley). The girls, who are looking to have a good time, are picked up by three crew members of a docked private luxury yacht: Marcus (Jay Taylor), Josh (Julian Morris) and Bluey (Tom Burke). The group boards the yacht where they are met by a fourth member of the crew, Sean (Robert Boulter).

Videotaped couplings, which involve liquor, drugs and total sexual abandonment, soon begin. Bluey describes a procedure, which involves striking a sex partner on the spine at the neck just before orgasm which, he says, heightens the rush. Apparently, the blow can also kill depending on how the “Donkey Punch” is administered. Not unexpectedly for the audience, one of the women collapses and dies from the blow. From that point on it is like the “Ten Little Indians” doggerel, except in this case some are spared.

If you are squeamish about blood or torture, stay away. If you don’t mind it in movies so long as it’s not yours – and I don’t – this is the film for you.

Editor’s note: This movie is no longer playing in theaters, but look for it on DVD.