Kron Moore talks early days in entertainment and new season of ‘The Oval’

kron moore
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For Detroit-native Kron Moore, acting wasn’t necessarily on her horizon when she thought about what she wanted to do with her life.

Moore was a child actor but ultimately pulled away from it because of her shy and introverted personality. She pursued a psychology degree in college and ended up in commercial insurance, but something didn’t feel right.

“I hated the corporate world. Something hit me to apply for broadcasting school,” said Moore. “I thought it was a crazy idea, but the little voice in your head tells you this for a reason. I enrolled at Specs Howard School of Media Arts and graduated at the top of my class.”

One of Moore’s friends suggested that she sign on with an agent during her time at broadcasting school. 

“I thought he was crazy to suggest that because I was still so introverted and shy, but I took the advice and signed with an agent,” said Moore. “I started booking roles immediately and was kind of bitten by the bug again.”

One role that Moore played that really made her realize that she could have a career in entertainment was when she played Barbara Campbell, the wife of Sam Cooke, in the play “The Life of Sam” at the Detroit Music Hall.

“Her personality was so dynamic. I felt connected to her in so many ways,” said Moore. “That was the moment that solidified that this could be a career. She had drug issues, she had self-esteem issues, she was a kept woman. She had a child that passed away from drowning. There were many facets to playing her, and to be able to explore that was an amazing experience.”

Now based in Atlanta, Moore has since picked up a handful of roles in movies and TV shows, including parts in “Dinner for Two” and the new 2020 film “Beast Beast.” She picked up a recurring role as Dr. Bridget Chapel on the new series “Stargirl,” a superhero drama that premiered in 2020. She hopes that one day she could potentially work on a romantic comedy, or alongside some of her favorite actors in the industry.

“I would put that at the top of the list if it were ever possible,” said Moore. “Also to work with Meryl Streep or Viola Davis someday would be amazing and mind-blowing.”

Moore currently stars on Tyler Perry’s “The Oval” on BET, which follows U.S President Hunter Franklin and the staff within the White House. Moore plays Victoria Franklin, the first lady of the US and one of the most vicious villains on the show.

“My agent submitted me for the role. I initially didn’t want to audition for it. I had auditioned for Tyler Perry on multiple occasions and didn’t think I would be seriously considered for the lead role in the show, but I went for it anyway,” said Moore. “You don’t get these opportunities very often — the opportunity to play the first lady of the United States is kind of a dream. I’ve been having fun ever since.”

Like many productions, “The Oval” had to take a backseat while the country went on lockdown due to COVID-19. Once COVID-19 precautions were starting to be put in place, “The Oval” was one of the first shows to start filming episodes again.

Moore says that many people were wondering how Perry would handle the COVID-19 restrictions that were put into place.

“He had us in camp quarantine. Everyone involved with the show camped there at Tyler Perry studios for three weeks,” said Moore. “We tested nonstop. They kept us safe and followed all the precautions. It was a safe, controlled environment where we could be focused on creating.”

However, it wasn’t all work and no play — Moore said that there were plenty of things to do outside of work while living at the studio.

“It was like a day camp for adults, they made it a lot of fun,” said Moore. “There were activities planned outside of work like movies on the lawn. They brought in food trucks for us to eat, there were bicycles to ride around the lot. It was a fun experience, and we were fortunate no to have instances of COVID on our set.”

In the newest season of “The Oval,” Moore says the viewers get to see a different side of her character as the season progresses, though she will still remain as villainous as ever.

“In the first season of ‘The Oval,’ we pulled the curtain back on what we think would happen at the White House with an insane first family. We touched on each family member’s personality, as well as the support staff,” said Moore. “This season, you’ll see the characters develop more. We will see Victoria more. She will be more of a villain, but we will see more of her human side coming out this season, and why she relates to people the way that she does.”

The new season of “The Oval” will premiere on BET at 10:30 p.m. on Feb. 16, and will air at 9 p.m. in the following weeks. Stay up to date with Moore by following her on Facebook (@iamkronmoore) or on Instagram and Twitter @kronmoore.

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