Larry Sanders, Bernie’s brother, tears up at DNC as he casts his vote

Larry Sanders teared up as he cast a vote for his brother at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday night, moving Bernie Sanders to tears as well.

The senator’s brother is a delegate for Democrats Abroad, representing 8.7 million citizens who do not live in the United States.

“I want to bring before this convention the names of our parents, Eli Sanders and Dorothy Glassberg Sanders,” he said during the roll call. “They would be immensely proud of their son and his accomplishments.”

“They loved the New Deal of Franklin Roosevelt and would be especially proud that Bernard is renewing that vision,” he continued.

Choking back tears, Larry said, “It is with enormous pride, I cast my vote for Bernie Sanders.”

Video of the convention shows Bernie Sanders, with watery eyes, sitting with his wife, Jane, who was also visibly moved by Larry’s words.

The abroad delegates had a total of 17 votes. Ten votes were cast to Sanders and seven were cast to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Bernie Sanders made a motion at the end of the roll call to nominate Clinton as the party’s nominee. The final vote was 2,842 delegates for Clinton and 1,865 for Sanders.